14th century France.
Catherine, a fierce young nun, pushes her body to such extremes that she catches the attention of the Pope, and a senior monk is sent to be her chaperone and confessor.

21st century Auckland.
Jude, a 17-year-old high school student, pounds the streets in her running shoes - with a steadily dwindling diet.

Both overrule their biology to achieve their ideals. While Jude struggles to balance her exercise regimes with an increasingly messy relationship, Catherine’s extreme practices bring her to a revelation that completely transforms her understanding of God and throws her into the danger of trial by the Inquisition.

GOD-BELLY uses religious history as a lens to explore our relationships with our bodies; be this the desire to discipline, bulk up, or escape from our bodies.

The show combines austerities of Medieval Catholicism with the fierce playfulness of contemporary hip-hop. Sacred music and swagger. Nuns will rap and wrestle, and an argument will break out over a buttered crumpet.

GOD-BELLY is the product of the confused religiosities of Andrew Gunn and Rosie Tapsell. 

Monday 17th performance
Doors open 8.40
Performance begins 8.45

G O D B E L L Y from Pete Gedye on Vimeo.


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